My Mom was lucky if she could open the door to my room...


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...much less see the floor, for all the junk. In fact, I never took much of an interest in my surroundings until I was married with my own children. As my family grew, I found myself needing to manage the everyday chaos that ensued.


By the time we bought, renovated, and sold our third house to the first people that walked in the door, I knew I had the bug. I had found my calling. I realized it was more than luck or good timing.  I was great at finding homes with cool untapped potential. With each sale, I learned more about creating homes that felt comfortable, soulful and personal. It wasn't long before my friends asked me to make their homes feel comfortable too, and so began Nata B. Home.


I'm passionate about what I do, where I live and the people I've come to know. I understand, whether you're moving here from far away or simply across town, a new home is more than a new address.  I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and helping you.


-Nata Bozymski