Dame Good Food!

I love Fall in North Carolina. We have been fortunate to have several back to back days of perfectly perfect crisp clear weather. The weekend was extraordinarily beautiful and called for worn out jeans, a big baggy sweater, boots, and... good food. I've been wanting to try Dame's Chicken&Waffles for over a year now. I've never had the time or patience to wait it out. But there's something about chilly Sunday mornings that makes me forget about time and work and all the things I "should be doing." So I grabbed a friend and headed downtown. Never bothering to check their hours, we ended up arriving a full hour before their doors opened! Not a problem though, because another place I've been meaning to try was right up the street, Scratch.

I am here to tell you, this town has it GOIN'ON in the food department. If you haven't made your way into either of these places, you are truly missing out!