Where You From?

One of the things I most enjoy about my job as a real estate broker is hearing how and why people decide to move here. Extensive positive media coverage over the last decade has played a large part in attracting new folks. But, I truly believe, it's good people that bring more good people. I am thankful to have met many over the years. One such person is an artist by the name of Lynn Bregman-Blass. I met Lynn several years ago while attending an art opening in an old refurbished Cotton Mill located in a small town called Saxapahaw, just 15 minutes outside of Chapel Hill. At that time, not many people had heard much about Saxapahaw. (Admittedly, I wouldn't have known about it either if my brother and his family had not been living in an even tinier town called, Snow Camp, just beyond Saxapahaw). Lynn and her family moved here from gorgeous Boulder, Colorado. I learned this as I stood there with my jaw dropped, carefully examining her work. Lynn shared wonderful details about the Encaustic medium of her work, which was completely foreign to me. I was mesmerized as she described the process of melting beeswax and painting with it, creating the textural layer upon layer of her visual stories. I purchased two of her pieces that day, and several more since then. Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Lynn in her element once again at the same gallery in Saxapahaw. Now, just a few years later, word is out... The beauty, charm, and grace of Lynn, her work, and the small town called Saxapahaw are hardly a secret. This exceptional show will hang until July 29th.




The only thing I love as much as creative people who make art for my walls, are creative people who make art for my stomach. I'm talking food. GREAT FOOD. Once again, not hard to find around here. Last night, after Lynn's show, we walked across the street to the Saxapahaw General Store. I'll limit the words and let the photos do the talkin'... This place is the real deal.