Sleepless in Seattle

People often ask me where I find inspiration for design. In short, the answer is " Everywhere." And more often than not, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. On a recent trip to visit my sister in Seattle, I spent a lot of time wandering the campus of The University of Washington, where I was blown away by the creative use of materials being used on an assortment of campus buildings and dormitories. Of course, I also made my way to the famous Pike Place Market, and hit pay dirt at a variety of vintage, salvage, antiques and junk stores. Naturally, with all the amazing visual candy I encountered, it's not surprising that I truly found myself -- Sleepless in Seattle.

An on campus restaurant called "Cultivate." I love how they have blurred the lines between the inside and outside spaces by continuing the exterior wood paneling right through the glass to the inside space. The mix of concrete, wood, and steel create a warm industrial feel.

A bench made from salvage wood and steel. The unexpected use of chunky drainage rock makes an interesting textural break between the rusted steel wall of the bench and a traditional concrete sidewalk.

Check out these crazy rusted and perforated steel panels that clad the exterior surface of this dormitory!

Necessary Carb-o-loading at Pike Place market. 

Ya gotta love this guy, Harry.

A breathtaking assortment of fresh flowers

Loved this store...

Walls draped in old sheet music...

S C O R E ! 

My tiny big sis grabs 2 diet cokes for us outside the antiques market. A staple in both our diets... Oh well.

Carbs, Diet coke and some serious Retail Therapy... All around fantastic day!